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We Love You Josh. Always.



REST IN PEACE– Hello Skyway fans. We said Goodbye to our Skyway family member, Josh Wuerth, earlier this week. He was our dedicated Open Mic host, soundman, go-to guitarist and best friend. As our hearts heal, let’s honor him with outstanding music, warm spirits and wonderful hugs. Light and love to Josh’s family, to his band, Viasol, to his mountain of friends and to everyone who he touched with his musical genius. We love you, Josh. Always.

Josh Wuerth Memorial is Tuesday, July 12 here at the Skyway. Start time is 6:00pm.

Please join us with food, music and memories of our dear friend.  Visit the GoFundMe site listed above if you’d like to contribute toward this event. We also have a fund jar at the bar everyday.



OOEY_GOOEY_MACNCHEESEThanks to Portland Monthly Magazine for getting the word out about our famous Mac N Cheese. Don’t worry Skyway fans, we’re not selling out. Just making sure all of those newbies visiting the mountain give their tastebuds an adventure with Chef Hornor’s ooey gooey treat!


Call us crazy but we like to step outside the box for fun events. March is the month when men dedicate their upper lip to the hair island! Sure, everyone else can play, too. All ages. All sexes. Craft it. Draw it.  Grow it.

Be sure to mention your ‘stache to your server to get a food or bevvie discount.

CATEGORIES: Best in Show– Dirt Lip– Creepy– Lady ‘Stache– Partial Beard.  Good luck!